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El Reto

24 websites worldwide, 50 authors

With the global expansion of the online channels, Medela realised: The user experience for customers and authors required sustainable improvement. After all, Medela has a total of over 13,000 subsites on 24 websites. Fifty authors are responsible for the content of these sites in 20 different languages. The various persons in charge, the countless local websites, but also the large number of different end-devices that customers now use, required the user experience and user journey to be optimized on both sides, as well as being switched over to a responsive design. For Medela, this situation meant it was extremely important to achieve a smooth migration to Magnolia and problem-free implementation of the responsive design, without any restrictions to everyday business.

La Solución

Flexibly expandable content management

Together with Arvato Systems, Medela decided to establish an expandable, modern content management based on Magnolia. The aim is to meet the needs of customers and authors in the coming years. During the development of Medela’s new “Medela Cares” Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and the introduction of the global rebranding as “The Science of Care”, new templates were created simply and efficiently.

Simple integration through interface architecture

Content management with Magnolia provides a highly professional base and modern interface architecture. Both are crucial to enable new system components to be integrated in the existing system as easily as possible. This applies for example to systems that will support Medela even more effectively in terms of sales processes. New customer requirements regarding the displayed content and features can be met easily due to the modern architecture and standard interfaces (APIs) to countless current tools.

Joint planning and agile development

Medela’s requirements were worked out in detail in a joint plan and implemented flexibly in everyday operations. Agile project management and development process were crucial for this. Only in this way could all those involved meet the challenges of an international company and map the implementation of the new system quickly.

El Resultado

Well-positioned with Magnolia today and in the future

Content on websites is fast-moving. That’s why leading international companies like Medela need content management that can be adapted to new requirements quickly and easily. Not only to ensure content is always up-to-date and visually appealing, but also to make the content management itself as simple and reliable as possible. With Magnolia’s CMS platform, Medela has an API-based and ultra-flexible content management environment for the company’s 13,000 or more pages. This means Medela is not only well-equipped for the current needs and requirements of its customers and authors, but with Magnolia, can also quickly integrate new features in the future.

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