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H1 Analytics is the world-leading social listening platform.
H1  - Dashboard - Social Listening

How it works?

  • H1  - Search - Social Listening

    Search the web for reviews, articles, comments and conversations.

  • H1  - Segment - Social Listening

    Use rules to segment data into categories relevant to your business.

  • H1  - Analyze - Social Listening

    Break down and analyze the data to discover something you didn't know.

  • H1  - Action - Social Listening

    React in real-time with instant email alerts

Get the best data

The best quality

The largest volume of quality data from social network, blogs, forums, news sites and reviews.

In real time

When gathering millions of conversations per second, you can see all data in real time.

Customized coverage

We monitor the sites you need. Once we get the URL we can start tracking them.

H1 Analytics makes us unique

More than 50 filters

Combine our unique filters to access the data you need

"The filters allow us to find the key conversations among our data". – Tomás Berdoc, GCBA

H1  - Filters - Social Listening

Unique rules

Our AI technology helps you discover insights from the fastest and most intelligent social networks
We have launched a search bar which allows the data segmentation to be simple.
H1  - Rules - Social Listening

Relevant Sentiment

Customize our sentiment algorithm to make it relevant to your data

"We are now able to understand the feeling of our clients, their tendencies and conversations". – Eleonora Loucaidou, ABSA

H1  - Sentiment - Social Listening

Real-time Dashboard

Zoom out to look at year-on-year trends, or hone in with minute-by-minute analysis.
Our engineers have been reshaping the platform for a year. Nowadays it is the fastest in the market.
H1  - Mentions - Social Listening

Approachable insights

Due to our templates it is easy to find influencers, to control the reputation and to identify tendencies.
H1  - Dashboard - Social Listening

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